Children Fire Safety Tips – How To Escape A Fire

Educating a children early about fire safety greatly increases the chance of survival. In addition, I have also touched on what you can do to further help protect your children from fire…

Things like installing a fire alarm, checking your cables and wirings, as well as practicing other fire safety habits.

While these are all essential, you should also teach your children how to escape a fire in a step by step sequence.. have them practice and rehearse it in front of you to ensure that they know what to do during a fire.

Know this for sure.. you might be out when fire occurs.. and you children will need to know what to do in such an event.

So.. lets talk about some fire safety tips on how to escape from fire… and these are just some of the stuffs that you will need to educate your kids about when it comes to fire safety education.

  • When they heard the fire alarm, always practice the habit of shouting and making a lot of noise to alert others about the fire. It is always good to shout “fire fire !”
  • When they manage to escape the house.. never go back for anything else even if they left their favorite toys in the room. This is because, fire spreads fast.. and the room could be already burning..
  • When escaping from the room, always use the back of the hand to feel the door.. if it is hot, it means that there is fire burning outside and other alternative route of escape should be adopted.
  • Secondary escape routes are always through the window, and if necessary, they will need to use a fire safety ladder to escape from the room
  • In order to stop smoke from rushing into the room, they should use a cloth, preferably wet, to cover the openings at the bottom of their door.
  • If there are no secondary escape route, leave a indication on the window to let the fire fighters know that they are there.. and most importantly.. never hide from the fire fighters.
  • If the corridor is filled with smoke when escaping.. always keep low and crawl as this will give them better visibility and also prevent them from breathing in the harmful black smoke.
  • Lastly.. always practice the drill of Stop Drop Roll… this is to teach them what they should when their clothes are caught on fire.

These are the overall picture of what you should educate your children about when it comes to fire safety and escaping from a house fire. Go through with them and ensure that they understand about the importance of the drills and things to do.

Fire safety is no joke.. and all the more.. children must be taught this tips to further safeguard themselves from the dangers of fire.

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More Fire Safety Activities For Children

As parents, we all understand that fire safety for children is very important, thus, the need to educate our kids about the dangers of fire and what should be avoided.

That being said, we also know that children learn best with activities and interaction. This not only makes learning fun, it also helps them absorb better, thus, instilling a natural fire safety consciousness in their mindset.

Before this post, I introduced some fire safety activities that you can use to help your children learn more about fire. In this post, I’ll drop 3 more activities and fire safety tips that you can use to teach your kids about fire.

1) Organize a field trip – One of the best things you can do when teaching children about fire safety, is to bring them down to the fire station and have the fire fighters educate them about fire. One way that it helps is that the children gets more insights about what to do during fire and also becomes more familiar with the fire fighters.

2) Read books on fire safety. These children books are usually very well written with lots of interactive pictures that can help illustrate the story to the children, giving them a better understanding of the whole picture. In fact, even games can help children learn in a better way. One such site is the Rescue 1 site.

3) Other activities that helps to promote fire safety is by having the children do and practice what they should do in times of fire. For example, what they should do when their clothes is caught on fire. What they should do when smoke engulf the room. Have them crawl through the pavements and even practice the “Stop, Drop, Roll” actions. If you can, time them and even make a competition between children and kids.

Fire safety for children is important and the best way to teach kids about them is to ensure that your activities are fun and engaging. The trick here is that children love activities and competition.. and through it, they will also learn better and participate more.

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Video On How To Teach Fire Safety To Children

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a very interesting and good video on how to teach fire safety to children. This is by far, the best and most informative video on engaging lessons that you can follow suit when trying to instill fire safety education to your children.

In this video, you can see what to do, what to say and how to conduct lessons that will not only be fun for children, but also easily understandable and engaging. Thus, enabling the children to absorb and learn better.

You will see how fire drills or fire evacuation are being taught to children and even what to do when the clothes are caught on fire. An interesting lesson and in fact, if you are with your kids, you can even show this video to them.

So.. to make things a lot easier, I have embedded this fire safety video on how to teach fire safety to children here in this post. Enjoy and I am sure you will find it very useful too.

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Activities On Fire Safety For Children

Children learn best through activities and participation. Thus, it is probably the best way to teach fire safety to children through activities that they can get themselves involved in.

Here are some activities on fire safety for children that you can use to educate your kids about fire through a fun and relaxing manner.:

1) Introduce a poster making contest – Children love competition. They think its fun and the best part is, it helps to stimulate their creativity and at the same time, giving them awareness about fire. You can ask your children to create a safety picture of kids doing the right thing in escaping from a fire. Display the posters and talk about them. This encourages both participation and understanding.

2) Reading Books on Fire Safety – Children loves reading and fire safety books on the market teaches the lessons very well through an engaging way with colorful pictures and stories that will surely capture the kids attention. One such books is “Stop Drop and Roll (A Book About Fire Safety)”

3) Creating fire fighter helmets – One of the best ways of learning is through discussion because it shows how much they understand about a certain topic. And children, unlike adults, tends to be more straight forward with their thoughts. One way to start such discussion is to create fire fighter hats/helmets for kids and have them pretend to be firefighters. After at which, you can then discuss the equipment that a fire fighter needs and why. Let children see and learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Remember, children lean best through activities and participation. In order for them to be aware about fire, the fire safety lessons have to be fun and engaging… and the above examples are just some of the ways at which you can introduce fire safety education to children and have them be more aware about fire.

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Fire Safety Tips – How To Use A Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire safety is very important especially for families with children and kids at home. Note that a fire outbreak can happen anytime with a simple little accident or negligence. Thus, it is therefore crucial that parents teach their children about fire safety.

However, education alone is not enough… skills and other preventive measures must also be taken to further reduce the damage fire can do to your loved ones and also your property. Thus, comes the need to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

These skills are essential and can even be taught to your children once they hit an older age… which is an important fire safety education for your children that they will need to keep for a lifetime.

Of course, the first and foremost fire safety step to protecting your kids from fire is to evacuate the house or affected area first before anything else.. after at which should the fire extinguisher be used.. if possible.

There is a universal rule when it comes to using a fire extinguisher, and it applies to all standard market extinguishers, thus, when you are able to remember this step, you will be able use any fire extinguisher available.

This is crucial because, imagine a fire breaking out and you are left in a room with a fire extinguisher and not knowing how to use one… it can be a laughing stock… and one that could prove to be regrettable and deadly.

The formula on how to use a fire extinguisher is by remembering the word: PASS

The steps are as follows:

P – Pull The PIN from your extinguisher
A – Aim the nozzle at the fire
S – Squeeze the handle to release the agent
S – Sweep from side to side to ensure you cover all critical areas.

This is the formula on how to use a fire extinguisher… and once you know this simple 4 step fire safety formula, it will stay with you for life.

Fire safety tips and education starts today… for you never know what will happen tomorrow. A lighter on the table, a stove left unattended… an iron left switched on… could result in unimaginable outcome. So.. it is crucial to start educating your kids and yourself about fire safety and how to deal with one when cases or accidents like this happen.

On a side note, do check out probably the best fire extinguisher in the world today, which has time and time again proven to replace the traditional ones… in fact, It is even better and more simple when it comes to usage… at available at a better too… ensuring the safety of your children from fire at at even higher level.

Check out the rave and talks about this new awesome extinguisher here: Cold Fire Extinguisher

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Children Fire Safety Tips – Warning Signs

So far, we have talked a lot about fire safety for children, how to educate them, planning fire evacuation routes, stories and such. Note however, that it is in children’s nature that they are fascinated about fire.

This post will highlight some warning signs that you should take note of when it comes to fire safety.

It will give you hints that your children has been playing with fire and some form of action had to be taken, either to re-reinforce that fire is dangerous or keep the fire starters at some safer place out of their reach.

Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate your child is playing with fire:

  • lighters or matches going missing or turning up in odd places
  • unexplained burns on carpets and soft furnishings
  • unexplained burns or blisters on your child or their clothes
  • piles of burnt papers, sticks etc, especially in isolated areas like the garden
  • unexplained smells of smoke on their clothes or in their hair

If you discover any of these things, it’s important that you talk to your child about them. On a side note, never be angry with your kids, but approach them in a way to re-educate them about the dangers of fire and make sure they understand they importance of fire safety.

Educating children about fire safety is important to prevent fire outbreaks, and we, as parents, should also be alert on any signs or clues that our children or kids are actually playing with them behind out back.

Although we cannot totally be aware or be in control of what the children are doing, at least we are ensuring all the fire safety precautions are being taken care of.

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Fire Safety Tips For Children At Home – Part 2

This is a sequel to the previous post on fire safety tips for children at home. As you would probably notice, these fire safety tips are directly involve with the home… and if you are able to take notice of these hazards, you too, will become more alert when it come to fire prevention and the safety of your kids at home.

Let us look at more fire prevention tips that can help prevent fire injuries and also protect your home property from the clutches of fire.

1) Clothing – When considering purchasing clothing for children you should consider:

  • Fibre content – purchase fabrics such as 100% polyester, nylon, wool and silk that are difficult to ignite and tend to self extinguish.
  • Fabric construction – tight weaves or knits and fabrics without fuzzy or napped surfaces are less likely to ignite
    and burn rapidly than open knits or weaves, or fabrics with brushed or piled surfaces.
  • When purchasing clothes intended for sleepwear, consider the flammability of certain fabrics containing cotton, cotton/polyester blends, rayon and acrylic. These are relatively easy to ignite and burn rapidly. Follow the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions on products labelled “flame resistant” to ensure that their flame resistant properties are maintained.

2) Protect Electrical Appliances – Make sure that electrical appliances are safe and openings are out of reach of children. Use protective covers on unused power points. This also includes the lose cable wirings around the house. Make sure they are sealed up or replaced.

3) Do Not Leave Hot Irons Unattended – A dangling cord is attractive to a curious child. A falling iron can injure and an iron left face-down can start a fire. The case of leaving the iron often occurs when answering phone calls or answering the door… so it is critical that you take note of that.

4) Train your Child-Minders – If you hire tutors or baby sisters, make sure that all teachers and baby-sitters are familiar with these guidelines and know your escape plan. In other words, the family fire evacuation plan.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, fire safety for children at home or to put in more bluntly, fire prevention at home is a 2 way thing. It is important that you take precautions to reduce the threat of fire to your children. However, it is also important that your children know how to respond if there is an emergency.

That is where fire safety education comes in. Teach your child their home address, and tell them to dial 911 in an emergency. There are many cases where children have made emergency calls and been responsible for saving the lives of their family members.

Like I say, its a 2 way thing, but fire safety for children must be address as soon as possible before it becomes too late.

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