Fire Safety Checklist For Children – What To Do In The Event Of Fire

We have talked about educating fire safety to children, teaching your kids about the dangers of fire and why they should not play with them. We have talked about planning and having a family fire evacuation plan so that every body in the family will know how to react when the time calls.

With this 2 things in mind, it is good to note that you will significantly reduce the chances of a fire accident… but.. is enough ever enough ? Note quite… for one thing is for sure… we can never be too complacent when it comes to fire… especially if it involves the children.

So.. apart from educating the kids about fire safety, it is good to let them know what they can do in the event of fire… this will further increase their confidence and chances of survival when it comes to fire.

Note that you can’t possibly be around your kids all day, when they are schooling and in a restroom, where they were separated away from the teachers and other students… how about when they are in a mall shopping and browsing toys or in the worse case scenario, got lost during the fire evacuation confusion..

So.. we can’t predict things like these.. but.. chances are.. they might happen when a fire accident struck.

Thus, here is a fire safety checklist you can use to teach and educate your children about what to do in the event of a fire:

  • First priority is to leave the building immediately.
  • Never use the lift
  • Never open a warm door as there could be fire behind it
  • Do not take anything with you
  • Do not run
  • Never turn back
  • If there is no place to run, make sure you are seen at the window
  • Keep a wet clothe over your mouth
  • Stay as close to the ground as possible – for visibility and oxygen
  • Block up gaps around doors with wet cloths to stop smoke from getting in.

By explaining to them what to do in the event of a fire, they will be more confident and know how to deal with fire even if they are lost in the confusion.

It is crucial to note that panic kills… so.. the more disorientated you or the children are about what to do the safeguard themselves against fire.. and that lessen the chances of survival…

Fire safety for children should never be taken granted for, and as we all know.. even for adults.. fires poses a great threat when there is an outbreak… so.. why not start educating your kids about what to do in the event of a fire, so as to help protect well as your family from the clutches of fire.

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