Fire Safety Activities For Kids – How To Educate Your Children About Fire Safety

We all know that fire safety is very important and seek to educate our children about the dangers of fire. Children learn best with fun activities, so.. this post will highlight some of the fire safety activities for kids that you can use to teach your little ones about fire… and at the same time, have some family fun together.

Some activities you can do to educate your children about fire safety is to have a fire safety week for the family. Inform your children that within this week, there will be a fire drill, by which you can then practice the fire evacuation routine with your children.

During this fire safety week, you can also buy some coloring books about fire safety, such as one related to fire engines, and also read stories about the courage and bravery of fire fighters.. on the account of how fire fighters helped families in danger cause by fire and that the fire fighters are heroes.

By giving a contrast between heroes and how bad fire is trying to destroy families, your children will see and understand a clearer light on the dangers of fire.

Other activities may also include a fire safety Q and A for the children, ie, ask your children if they can identify any fire hazards around them in the room, kitchen and even the living hall. If you have 2 or more children, you may even make it a competition among them so that they are more enthusiastic and excited about it.

You may even do a simple worksheet as a “test” for your kids on the various fire safety topics. It don’t have to be hard, just some basic questions to raise their awareness.

For example: 1) Tom wants to switch on 2 fans and his computer, he then overload his extension cords with multiple plugs ? Is this right or wrong ?

Fires are dangerous and can burn down houses, therefore, we should never play with fire. Right or wrong ?

Psychologically, when the children are reading this sort of questions, it helps reinforce their thoughts about fire, thus, even further helping them be more fire safety conscious.

Of course, if your children are more than 8 – 10 years old, you might even want them to try using a fire extinguisher, so that they know what to do in times of need. In fact, every schools are having their own fire safety week and they also invite firemen to give lessons and even demostrate the use of extinguishers to kids.

Because not everyone will get a chance to try it, sometimes, when your child is older, you might want t show and demonstrate to them how to use one, just for knowledge purpose.

As you can see, there are tons of fire safety activities for kids that you can use to help your children learn more about fire and spread that awareness. The main point is, to make sure they understand that fire is dangerous, and it should never be played with.

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