Fire Safety Tips For Children

Lets talk about some fire safety tips for children. As of our fire safety coverage, you probably know that by educating your kids about fire, you literally help to make your home a safer and better place for the whole family.

So what are some of the things that you can teach your children about, so that they are more aware about the dangers of fire and also prevent them from playing with it.

Here are some fire safety tips for children that you may wish to take note of:

  • Stories – Stories are a great way to captivate the attention of the children. By reading stories about how carelessness and playfulness in fire lead to loss of property or substantial injuries, they would be more willing to take note and be careful of it.
  • Teach them 9 1 1. Let your children know that 9 1 1 is the number they should dial for emergency. In addition, it is important to let them know what emergency is, for example, house on fire, parents fainted by smoke etc It is crucial that you explain to them what and when to call 9 1 1 so that they do not abuse the line.. yet also essentially important for them to know the number and who to call for help when in an emergency
  • Make sure your children knows about the fire evacuation plan and what to do when its activated. Also, it is important to keep children rooms, stair ways and walk ways free of obstacles so that there is a clear route to run when fire happens.
  • If you are cooking, make sure you don’t leave the burning stove unattended by answering the phone or opening the door. This could lead to unwanted accidents for the kids may accidentally get access to the burning stove. With that said, it is also crucial to keep wok or pan handles inwards.
  • I have to stress this again.. but do not leave any match sticks, lighters lying within reach of children.
  • Again, children are naturally curious, so make sure you practice good habits about using fire. ie: for cooking purposes only .. and not for playing and burning papers. If you have an elder kid at home, say 15 – 16 years old, do let him know of the dangers of fire and how the younger ones may follow his actions, thus, ensuring him doing his due responsibilities as well.

With that said, fire safety for children is the responsibilities of all adults… and these little tips about preventing fire can help make your home a better place to live in if you take the time to educate your children and kids about fire.

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