Fire Safety Quiz For Children

How are you today ? If you have been reading and following the fire safety tips closely, then you shouldn’t have any problems answering the following questions. In fact, I have gathered 7 fire safety questions for you in this post.

This can be an easy guideline when you lay down a fire safety quiz for your children and see if they understand what to do when it comes to dealing with fire. Of course, you should note that there are many other questions you can come out with, but with the knowledge to the answers of these questions, there shouldn’t be any problem when your children comes to protecting themselves against fire

So.. here are the questions:

  • What would you do if there is smoke in the room ?

Ans: Stay low and crawl as there is better visibility and more oxygen to breathe.

  • Should you wait for your parents to find you in a fire ?

Ans: No ! Get out as fast as possible !

  • If your clothes caught fire, what should you do ?

Ans: Cover the face with both hands, STOP, DROP & ROLL until the fire is out!

  • Should you hide when you are trapped in a fire and no place to go ?

Ans: Do not hide ! Use wet cloth to close gaps between the doors and be seen at the window.

  • Would the light from the flames help me find my way out?

Ans: No. Fire starts bright, but quickly produces black smoke and complete darkness.

  • What would you do if you see matchsticks and lighters lying around

Ans: Tell mum and Dad immediately (all the more so if have younger brothers or sisters)

  • Where is our family’s meeting place?

Ans: This should be the gathering place the family set for the fire evacuation drill.

You can use the above fire safety quiz to test your children and see if they understand the very basics of fire safety. In fact, you can even make this into an activity for your children in a group and make it a discussion session so that all your children will learn and understand what to do in the near future.

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