Fire Safety For Children At Home

Fire Safety For Children At Home – Each year numerous children fall victim to fire. In some cases, children themselves causes the fires, which injure themselves and others while also resulting in damage to homes and other properties. Thus, it is a need that children needs to be protected from fire, especially at the comfort of their own home… where potential fire hazards are lying around.

Here are some simple fire safety tips for children at home:

1) Install Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms are responsible for saving thousands of lives around the world. They are easy to install. It is important that you install one smoke alarm in every level of your home. Smoke alarm goes off before the fire becomes too big to handle, giving you ample time to react… even in your sleep.

2) Keep Matches and Lighters Out of Reach – Time and again, this is reminded in this blog, for this is one of the most common reasons how children started the fire. So… do not leave matches or lighters on coffee tables. Be aware that
children can climb and that is often not sufficient to keep these materials out of their reach from the floor.

3) Safe Cooking – Safety fire prevention habits in the kitchen such as not allowing children to use stoves or microwave ovens without supervision and also making sure that all pot handles are turned away from the front of the stove. This can help prevent injuries sustain to children on hot stoves and pots

4) Safe Heating – If you have heaters at home, keep children and anything else that can burn at least a metre away from heaters. Make sure there is a screen to every open fire and to any heater with a hot surface. This is to prevent any flammable fuels such as papers or other light materials to reach the fires openly. In addition to that, do not leave children unsupervised near an open fire.

This are just some of the fire safety tips for children at home. When you are watch out and do some of duties above, you will significantly reduce the chances of fire incidents. Like i said before many times over, fire safety is not just about the children, but also, a responsibility of the adults too.

So… apart from educating your kids about fire safety, you too should take responsibilities in the things that can prevent fire and injuries to the children.

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