Fire Safety Tips For Children At Home – Part 2

This is a sequel to the previous post on fire safety tips for children at home. As you would probably notice, these fire safety tips are directly involve with the home… and if you are able to take notice of these hazards, you too, will become more alert when it come to fire prevention and the safety of your kids at home.

Let us look at more fire prevention tips that can help prevent fire injuries and also protect your home property from the clutches of fire.

1) Clothing – When considering purchasing clothing for children you should consider:

  • Fibre content – purchase fabrics such as 100% polyester, nylon, wool and silk that are difficult to ignite and tend to self extinguish.
  • Fabric construction – tight weaves or knits and fabrics without fuzzy or napped surfaces are less likely to ignite
    and burn rapidly than open knits or weaves, or fabrics with brushed or piled surfaces.
  • When purchasing clothes intended for sleepwear, consider the flammability of certain fabrics containing cotton, cotton/polyester blends, rayon and acrylic. These are relatively easy to ignite and burn rapidly. Follow the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions on products labelled “flame resistant” to ensure that their flame resistant properties are maintained.

2) Protect Electrical Appliances – Make sure that electrical appliances are safe and openings are out of reach of children. Use protective covers on unused power points. This also includes the lose cable wirings around the house. Make sure they are sealed up or replaced.

3) Do Not Leave Hot Irons Unattended – A dangling cord is attractive to a curious child. A falling iron can injure and an iron left face-down can start a fire. The case of leaving the iron often occurs when answering phone calls or answering the door… so it is critical that you take note of that.

4) Train your Child-Minders – If you hire tutors or baby sisters, make sure that all teachers and baby-sitters are familiar with these guidelines and know your escape plan. In other words, the family fire evacuation plan.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, fire safety for children at home or to put in more bluntly, fire prevention at home is a 2 way thing. It is important that you take precautions to reduce the threat of fire to your children. However, it is also important that your children know how to respond if there is an emergency.

That is where fire safety education comes in. Teach your child their home address, and tell them to dial 911 in an emergency. There are many cases where children have made emergency calls and been responsible for saving the lives of their family members.

Like I say, its a 2 way thing, but fire safety for children must be address as soon as possible before it becomes too late.

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