Children Fire Safety Tips – Warning Signs

So far, we have talked a lot about fire safety for children, how to educate them, planning fire evacuation routes, stories and such. Note however, that it is in children’s nature that they are fascinated about fire.

This post will highlight some warning signs that you should take note of when it comes to fire safety.

It will give you hints that your children has been playing with fire and some form of action had to be taken, either to re-reinforce that fire is dangerous or keep the fire starters at some safer place out of their reach.

Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate your child is playing with fire:

  • lighters or matches going missing or turning up in odd places
  • unexplained burns on carpets and soft furnishings
  • unexplained burns or blisters on your child or their clothes
  • piles of burnt papers, sticks etc, especially in isolated areas like the garden
  • unexplained smells of smoke on their clothes or in their hair

If you discover any of these things, it’s important that you talk to your child about them. On a side note, never be angry with your kids, but approach them in a way to re-educate them about the dangers of fire and make sure they understand they importance of fire safety.

Educating children about fire safety is important to prevent fire outbreaks, and we, as parents, should also be alert on any signs or clues that our children or kids are actually playing with them behind out back.

Although we cannot totally be aware or be in control of what the children are doing, at least we are ensuring all the fire safety precautions are being taken care of.

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