Activities On Fire Safety For Children

Children learn best through activities and participation. Thus, it is probably the best way to teach fire safety to children through activities that they can get themselves involved in.

Here are some activities on fire safety for children that you can use to educate your kids about fire through a fun and relaxing manner.:

1) Introduce a poster making contest – Children love competition. They think its fun and the best part is, it helps to stimulate their creativity and at the same time, giving them awareness about fire. You can ask your children to create a safety picture of kids doing the right thing in escaping from a fire. Display the posters and talk about them. This encourages both participation and understanding.

2) Reading Books on Fire Safety – Children loves reading and fire safety books on the market teaches the lessons very well through an engaging way with colorful pictures and stories that will surely capture the kids attention. One such books is “Stop Drop and Roll (A Book About Fire Safety)”

3) Creating fire fighter helmets – One of the best ways of learning is through discussion because it shows how much they understand about a certain topic. And children, unlike adults, tends to be more straight forward with their thoughts. One way to start such discussion is to create fire fighter hats/helmets for kids and have them pretend to be firefighters. After at which, you can then discuss the equipment that a fire fighter needs and why. Let children see and learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Remember, children lean best through activities and participation. In order for them to be aware about fire, the fire safety lessons have to be fun and engaging… and the above examples are just some of the ways at which you can introduce fire safety education to children and have them be more aware about fire.

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