More Fire Safety Activities For Children

As parents, we all understand that fire safety for children is very important, thus, the need to educate our kids about the dangers of fire and what should be avoided.

That being said, we also know that children learn best with activities and interaction. This not only makes learning fun, it also helps them absorb better, thus, instilling a natural fire safety consciousness in their mindset.

Before this post, I introduced some fire safety activities that you can use to help your children learn more about fire. In this post, I’ll drop 3 more activities and fire safety tips that you can use to teach your kids about fire.

1) Organize a field trip – One of the best things you can do when teaching children about fire safety, is to bring them down to the fire station and have the fire fighters educate them about fire. One way that it helps is that the children gets more insights about what to do during fire and also becomes more familiar with the fire fighters.

2) Read books on fire safety. These children books are usually very well written with lots of interactive pictures that can help illustrate the story to the children, giving them a better understanding of the whole picture. In fact, even games can help children learn in a better way. One such site is the Rescue 1 site.

3) Other activities that helps to promote fire safety is by having the children do and practice what they should do in times of fire. For example, what they should do when their clothes is caught on fire. What they should do when smoke engulf the room. Have them crawl through the pavements and even practice the “Stop, Drop, Roll” actions. If you can, time them and even make a competition between children and kids.

Fire safety for children is important and the best way to teach kids about them is to ensure that your activities are fun and engaging. The trick here is that children love activities and competition.. and through it, they will also learn better and participate more.

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