Children Fire Safety Tips – How To Escape A Fire

Educating a children early about fire safety greatly increases the chance of survival. In addition, I have also touched on what you can do to further help protect your children from fire…

Things like installing a fire alarm, checking your cables and wirings, as well as practicing other fire safety habits.

While these are all essential, you should also teach your children how to escape a fire in a step by step sequence.. have them practice and rehearse it in front of you to ensure that they know what to do during a fire.

Know this for sure.. you might be out when fire occurs.. and you children will need to know what to do in such an event.

So.. lets talk about some fire safety tips on how to escape from fire… and these are just some of the stuffs that you will need to educate your kids about when it comes to fire safety education.

  • When they heard the fire alarm, always practice the habit of shouting and making a lot of noise to alert others about the fire. It is always good to shout “fire fire !”
  • When they manage to escape the house.. never go back for anything else even if they left their favorite toys in the room. This is because, fire spreads fast.. and the room could be already burning..
  • When escaping from the room, always use the back of the hand to feel the door.. if it is hot, it means that there is fire burning outside and other alternative route of escape should be adopted.
  • Secondary escape routes are always through the window, and if necessary, they will need to use a fire safety ladder to escape from the room
  • In order to stop smoke from rushing into the room, they should use a cloth, preferably wet, to cover the openings at the bottom of their door.
  • If there are no secondary escape route, leave a indication on the window to let the fire fighters know that they are there.. and most importantly.. never hide from the fire fighters.
  • If the corridor is filled with smoke when escaping.. always keep low and crawl as this will give them better visibility and also prevent them from breathing in the harmful black smoke.
  • Lastly.. always practice the drill of Stop Drop Roll… this is to teach them what they should when their clothes are caught on fire.

These are the overall picture of what you should educate your children about when it comes to fire safety and escaping from a house fire. Go through with them and ensure that they understand about the importance of the drills and things to do.

Fire safety is no joke.. and all the more.. children must be taught this tips to further safeguard themselves from the dangers of fire.

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