Fire Safety For Children At Home

Fire Safety For Children At Home – Each year numerous children fall victim to fire. In some cases, children themselves causes the fires, which injure themselves and others while also resulting in damage to homes and other properties. Thus, it is a need that children needs to be protected from fire, especially at the comfort of their own home… where potential fire hazards are lying around.

Here are some simple fire safety tips for children at home:

1) Install Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms are responsible for saving thousands of lives around the world. They are easy to install. It is important that you install one smoke alarm in every level of your home. Smoke alarm goes off before the fire becomes too big to handle, giving you ample time to react… even in your sleep.

2) Keep Matches and Lighters Out of Reach – Time and again, this is reminded in this blog, for this is one of the most common reasons how children started the fire. So… do not leave matches or lighters on coffee tables. Be aware that
children can climb and that is often not sufficient to keep these materials out of their reach from the floor.

3) Safe Cooking – Safety fire prevention habits in the kitchen such as not allowing children to use stoves or microwave ovens without supervision and also making sure that all pot handles are turned away from the front of the stove. This can help prevent injuries sustain to children on hot stoves and pots

4) Safe Heating – If you have heaters at home, keep children and anything else that can burn at least a metre away from heaters. Make sure there is a screen to every open fire and to any heater with a hot surface. This is to prevent any flammable fuels such as papers or other light materials to reach the fires openly. In addition to that, do not leave children unsupervised near an open fire.

This are just some of the fire safety tips for children at home. When you are watch out and do some of duties above, you will significantly reduce the chances of fire incidents. Like i said before many times over, fire safety is not just about the children, but also, a responsibility of the adults too.

So… apart from educating your kids about fire safety, you too should take responsibilities in the things that can prevent fire and injuries to the children.

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Fire Safety Quiz For Children

How are you today ? If you have been reading and following the fire safety tips closely, then you shouldn’t have any problems answering the following questions. In fact, I have gathered 7 fire safety questions for you in this post.

This can be an easy guideline when you lay down a fire safety quiz for your children and see if they understand what to do when it comes to dealing with fire. Of course, you should note that there are many other questions you can come out with, but with the knowledge to the answers of these questions, there shouldn’t be any problem when your children comes to protecting themselves against fire

So.. here are the questions:

  • What would you do if there is smoke in the room ?

Ans: Stay low and crawl as there is better visibility and more oxygen to breathe.

  • Should you wait for your parents to find you in a fire ?

Ans: No ! Get out as fast as possible !

  • If your clothes caught fire, what should you do ?

Ans: Cover the face with both hands, STOP, DROP & ROLL until the fire is out!

  • Should you hide when you are trapped in a fire and no place to go ?

Ans: Do not hide ! Use wet cloth to close gaps between the doors and be seen at the window.

  • Would the light from the flames help me find my way out?

Ans: No. Fire starts bright, but quickly produces black smoke and complete darkness.

  • What would you do if you see matchsticks and lighters lying around

Ans: Tell mum and Dad immediately (all the more so if have younger brothers or sisters)

  • Where is our family’s meeting place?

Ans: This should be the gathering place the family set for the fire evacuation drill.

You can use the above fire safety quiz to test your children and see if they understand the very basics of fire safety. In fact, you can even make this into an activity for your children in a group and make it a discussion session so that all your children will learn and understand what to do in the near future.

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Camp Fire Safety For Children

Lets bring our fire safety topic out into the woods today. One of the common activities that kids will go through in life are camp fire. So… let us talk about some camp fire safety tips for children, things by which you and your family can take note of so that your kids and children will have a wonderful time at the camp fire.

Truth is, a camping trip would not be complete without a camp fire, thus, it is such that the details should be spend when setting up the camp fire.

So here are some fire safety tips for children attending camp fires:

  • Always set a boundary between the fire and the children
  • The fire should be set away from low hanging branches
  • Clear surrounding areas from objects that catches fire easily
  • The surrounding area of the fire pit should be covered with sand and dirt
  • At no point of the time should the children be left unattended with the fire
  • Adults should be present at all time
  • Keep the firewood at least 15 feet away from the fire
  • The torch that is used to lit the fire, stays in the fire
  • Keep a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher and a shovel near by for backups

It is always a tradition that the camp fire fire is not to be extinguish until it is almost burnt out… of course, all you need for that to happen, is to stop feeding “fuel”, in this case, wood to the fire. When the fire is almost out, damp the fire with water until it is out… after at which, you mix the wet ashes and the sand together with the shovel to ensure that the fire is fully put out.

Note however, that for safety reasons, you should always let your children know about certain fire safety rules set for them, such as… they should never cross the boundary, the should never go close to the fire (unless of course they are of older age and more mature), anything that is in the fire, stays in the fire.

Another camp fire safety tips for children is that should anyone accidentally catches fire, they need to STOP, cover their face with their hands, DROP to the ground, and ROLL back and forth on the ground to smother the fire.

This however, should not happen if all the camp fire safety rules for children is being observed. With that, I wish you have an enjoyable weekend camp with your children and family.

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Fire Safety Tips For Children

Lets talk about some fire safety tips for children. As of our fire safety coverage, you probably know that by educating your kids about fire, you literally help to make your home a safer and better place for the whole family.

So what are some of the things that you can teach your children about, so that they are more aware about the dangers of fire and also prevent them from playing with it.

Here are some fire safety tips for children that you may wish to take note of:

  • Stories – Stories are a great way to captivate the attention of the children. By reading stories about how carelessness and playfulness in fire lead to loss of property or substantial injuries, they would be more willing to take note and be careful of it.
  • Teach them 9 1 1. Let your children know that 9 1 1 is the number they should dial for emergency. In addition, it is important to let them know what emergency is, for example, house on fire, parents fainted by smoke etc It is crucial that you explain to them what and when to call 9 1 1 so that they do not abuse the line.. yet also essentially important for them to know the number and who to call for help when in an emergency
  • Make sure your children knows about the fire evacuation plan and what to do when its activated. Also, it is important to keep children rooms, stair ways and walk ways free of obstacles so that there is a clear route to run when fire happens.
  • If you are cooking, make sure you don’t leave the burning stove unattended by answering the phone or opening the door. This could lead to unwanted accidents for the kids may accidentally get access to the burning stove. With that said, it is also crucial to keep wok or pan handles inwards.
  • I have to stress this again.. but do not leave any match sticks, lighters lying within reach of children.
  • Again, children are naturally curious, so make sure you practice good habits about using fire. ie: for cooking purposes only .. and not for playing and burning papers. If you have an elder kid at home, say 15 – 16 years old, do let him know of the dangers of fire and how the younger ones may follow his actions, thus, ensuring him doing his due responsibilities as well.

With that said, fire safety for children is the responsibilities of all adults… and these little tips about preventing fire can help make your home a better place to live in if you take the time to educate your children and kids about fire.

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Fire Safety Activities For Kids – How To Educate Your Children About Fire Safety

We all know that fire safety is very important and seek to educate our children about the dangers of fire. Children learn best with fun activities, so.. this post will highlight some of the fire safety activities for kids that you can use to teach your little ones about fire… and at the same time, have some family fun together.

Some activities you can do to educate your children about fire safety is to have a fire safety week for the family. Inform your children that within this week, there will be a fire drill, by which you can then practice the fire evacuation routine with your children.

During this fire safety week, you can also buy some coloring books about fire safety, such as one related to fire engines, and also read stories about the courage and bravery of fire fighters.. on the account of how fire fighters helped families in danger cause by fire and that the fire fighters are heroes.

By giving a contrast between heroes and how bad fire is trying to destroy families, your children will see and understand a clearer light on the dangers of fire.

Other activities may also include a fire safety Q and A for the children, ie, ask your children if they can identify any fire hazards around them in the room, kitchen and even the living hall. If you have 2 or more children, you may even make it a competition among them so that they are more enthusiastic and excited about it.

You may even do a simple worksheet as a “test” for your kids on the various fire safety topics. It don’t have to be hard, just some basic questions to raise their awareness.

For example: 1) Tom wants to switch on 2 fans and his computer, he then overload his extension cords with multiple plugs ? Is this right or wrong ?

Fires are dangerous and can burn down houses, therefore, we should never play with fire. Right or wrong ?

Psychologically, when the children are reading this sort of questions, it helps reinforce their thoughts about fire, thus, even further helping them be more fire safety conscious.

Of course, if your children are more than 8 – 10 years old, you might even want them to try using a fire extinguisher, so that they know what to do in times of need. In fact, every schools are having their own fire safety week and they also invite firemen to give lessons and even demostrate the use of extinguishers to kids.

Because not everyone will get a chance to try it, sometimes, when your child is older, you might want t show and demonstrate to them how to use one, just for knowledge purpose.

As you can see, there are tons of fire safety activities for kids that you can use to help your children learn more about fire and spread that awareness. The main point is, to make sure they understand that fire is dangerous, and it should never be played with.

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Fire Safety Checklist For Children – What To Do In The Event Of Fire

We have talked about educating fire safety to children, teaching your kids about the dangers of fire and why they should not play with them. We have talked about planning and having a family fire evacuation plan so that every body in the family will know how to react when the time calls.

With this 2 things in mind, it is good to note that you will significantly reduce the chances of a fire accident… but.. is enough ever enough ? Note quite… for one thing is for sure… we can never be too complacent when it comes to fire… especially if it involves the children.

So.. apart from educating the kids about fire safety, it is good to let them know what they can do in the event of fire… this will further increase their confidence and chances of survival when it comes to fire.

Note that you can’t possibly be around your kids all day, when they are schooling and in a restroom, where they were separated away from the teachers and other students… how about when they are in a mall shopping and browsing toys or in the worse case scenario, got lost during the fire evacuation confusion..

So.. we can’t predict things like these.. but.. chances are.. they might happen when a fire accident struck.

Thus, here is a fire safety checklist you can use to teach and educate your children about what to do in the event of a fire:

  • First priority is to leave the building immediately.
  • Never use the lift
  • Never open a warm door as there could be fire behind it
  • Do not take anything with you
  • Do not run
  • Never turn back
  • If there is no place to run, make sure you are seen at the window
  • Keep a wet clothe over your mouth
  • Stay as close to the ground as possible – for visibility and oxygen
  • Block up gaps around doors with wet cloths to stop smoke from getting in.

By explaining to them what to do in the event of a fire, they will be more confident and know how to deal with fire even if they are lost in the confusion.

It is crucial to note that panic kills… so.. the more disorientated you or the children are about what to do the safeguard themselves against fire.. and that lessen the chances of survival…

Fire safety for children should never be taken granted for, and as we all know.. even for adults.. fires poses a great threat when there is an outbreak… so.. why not start educating your kids about what to do in the event of a fire, so as to help protect well as your family from the clutches of fire.

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Educating Children About Fire Safety – Fire Safety Education For Kids

Apart from educating children about fire safety, it is also very important that you teach them how to react and what to do in the event of an fire. In other words, fire safety for children won’t be complete without a family fire evacuation plan.

Well, by now, you should know that prevention is better than cure.. and while we can’t 100% guarantee what will happen in the future, it is always good to be prepared for the worse.. so that when time calls, you and your family knows what to do.

In this case, fire spreads very fast… and time is of a concern… by having a fire evacuation plan for the family, your kids and loved ones will know what to do in the event of a fire.. and won’t anyhow run.. thus.. making the head count a lot easier and ensuring the safety of all family members.

Here are some tips when planning a family fire evacuation plan:

  • Have a gathering point for the family in the event of fire
  • This gathering point should be near the doorway
  • Teach and let your children know about the gathering point
  • Practice the fire evacuation drill with the whole family
  • Make sure everybody knows about it and time the process
  • Make it a point to practice the drill every 6 months to ensure everyone knows what to do when the drill is activated.
  • Set a fixed timing for the drill, ie, 1 minute, depending on the size of the house
  • In addition to the fire evacuation plan for the kids, the adults should also have a set of duties, ie: mum will bring the children outside and dad will use extinguisher to extinguish the fire before it spread.

When you have a set of plan laid out, everything will flow much smoother in terms of an emergency and because it is practice over and over again, panic will be reduce and everyone, especially the kids, will know what to do in the event of fire.

With a proper plan laid down for the family, evacuation can be faster, thus, ensuring a very much higher chance of an injury free fire disaster.

Remember, fire safety for kids should be instilled and reminded to the children, and apart from the normal stories, reminders and safe practices, a fire evacuation will then complete the plan on fire safety for children.

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